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Country Vacancy Description Salary CV
Литва Фасадчики На постоянную работу в Литве требуются фасадчики. от 1000EUR
Литва, Клайпеда Зачистник сварочных швов Требуютися зачистники сварочных швов на работу в Клайпеду 800-1000 EUR
Литва-Эстония Сварщики - 135 процесс(MIG) Предложение для сварщиков MIG(135) 7-8 евро/час
Germany, Rugen Truck Mechanic Looking for a Truck Mechanic to work in Germany, Rugen 1900 EUR
Germany, Rugen Truck Driver (C) Looking for a truck driver to driver through Rugen, Germany 1700 EUR
Norway, Tromso Tiler Looking for a tiler to work in Norway, Tromso. 200NOK/hour
Литва Сборщик металлоконструкций Постоянно требуются СБОРЩИКИ металлоконструкций. 4 евро/час
Norway,Hønefoss Tiler Looking for Tiles and membran workers ( Norwegian standards) 4 persons 190NOK/hour
Norway, Oslo area Shuttering carpenter Looking for shuttering carpenter to work in Norway from 190NOK/hour
Iceland Plumber Icelandic company is looking for a plumber on the permanent contract. 3000EUR
United Arab Emirates Head Waitress Looking for a head waitress to work in Airport zone in Unites Arab Emirates 2170 EUR
Iceland Cleaners Cleaners Men and Women ASAP 2000 EUR
Norway, Oslo area Roofers-tinsmiths Looking for 2 tinsmiths-roofers 195NOK/hour
Литва Сборщик Требуются сборщики металлоконструкций на работу в Клайпеду от 4 евро в час
Литва, Сварщик Требуются сварщики полуавтоматчики на работу в Клайпеде от 5 Евро в час
Norway, Alesund Autorestorer, Car Painter ​For customer in Fosnavåg we are searching for a autorestorer and car painter who can work full time from march/april 2017 from 180NOK/hour
Holland Welder Looking for professional welders to work in Holland from 12 EUR/hour
Lithuania Klaipeda Insulation workers Looking for 2 Journeyman in insulation (Skilled worker) 5 Helper / Unskilled worker to work in Klaipeda 1500 EUR
Литва, Клайпеда Строители Требуются строители различных профессий на постоянную работу в г. Клайпеда 1000 EUR
Iceland Crane operator Looking for crane operators on different location sites in Reikjavik 2400 EUR
Norway, Moss Plumber Looking for plumbers to work in Norway, Moss (60 km from Oslo) 215 NOK
Iceland Cleaners Icelandic company is looking for cleaners on the permanent contract. 1900 EUR
Norway,Tromso Carpenter Looking for carpenter to work in Tromso from 193NOK/hour
England, Bristol Assistant helper Looking for assistant helper to work in England not far from Bristol 9 EUR/Hour
Norway, Halden Carpenter/Plasterer Looking for 3 carpenters-plasterers to work in Halden 200NOK
Norway, Stavanger Bus Driver Looking for a bus driver for a long term contract 30000 NOK/month
Iceland workers Looking for unskilled workers 8 EUR/HOUR
Norway, Sarpsborg Carpenter/Plasterer carpenters/ plasterers for the inside works 190 NOK/ HOUR
Norway Painter, Roofer Looking for Roofers, Painter to work in Norway - Bergen, Tromso, Oslo from 181,5 NOK/hour
Iceland Foremen, Iron binders Looking for foremen, iron binders(concrete workers), teams with general building skills, as well as decorators and outside tilers. from 1800 EUR
Iceland Iron binder(concrete worker) work with iron binding, bind fast, mechanically. from 1600EUR on hand
Iceland Electrician Looking for professional electricians to work in Iceland 3000 EUR
Iceland Plumber work with water pipes, floors with heating, canalization and so on. from 1800EUR on hand
Holland metal stud worker need 5 metal stud workers 2100EUR